Chetan’s next: Love story set in Bihar

Chetan Bhagat
Chetan Bhagat

Patna. For all the Chetan Bhagat’s fans in Bihar, it is time to celebrate. The most popular Indian writer in English among youth is working on a new book which will come out in October.

In an interview to a leading newspaper, Bhagat said that “It is a love story. It’s set in Bihar and it’s a rural-urban love story. I’ve tried to touch rural India this time, which I haven’t done in my previous books. Rural India is also a part of India. The challenge is to do a book that my reader’s like, you know, stories about contemporary modern India, yet I am able to cover new ground, and I am able to give my own take on rural issues,”

Bhagat says that there’s a certain elitism we’ve created around the English language, which has almost become like a new caste system, so the book is an attempt to kind of demolish that and democratise the language a little bit. It’s a challenging book because it’s taking on the issue of elitism in English but the book itself is in English.