A Free Country — You are welcome


Bookistan — Not a great name ! Do you think ? I may agree but I love to call it so for reasons of my own. For don’t you think book lovers reside in a country of their own, and bookistan gives a feeling of it being a nation …may be one where citizenship is free and there are no boundaries, no wars, no need for so many other things that go with it. Most important no barbed wires or surveillance system to bleed you in body and mind. It is a country which many would desire to be a part of. Well, won’t you? And what if the country gets bigger on its own without the need of wars being fought to acquire more territory. …a spontaneous space where people come on their own accord without any need of them being coaxed into it or thrown out of it. Such a country already exists in a dimension we are not able to perceive. I just chose to give it a name and thus Bookistan was born — a country where there is no enmity, people live peacefully coexisting drawn together as they are by their love of the written word sipping nectar from innumerable fountains of knowledge — a fountain which will never go dry no matter what – as it exists right from the time man got his thoughts together and expressed it on walls, stones, metal, papyrus and what not to this age and time where it is all there in countless pages and virtual space….all you need is to go for it. So welcome as we bring you all that is to know about books in a republic of your own choosing.

As we embark on this journey, we invite people with their thoughts and comments to make this an even more enriching experience…let’s introduce books to each other and learn together as we enjoy being the citizens of this wonderful country.