Bhabiji ghar par hain? A breakthrough in Indian Soap opera………


The origin of Indian TV serials can be traced back to the Doordarshan days, when first Indian T.V. serial or soap opera, Hum Log was launched in Hindi. It was July 7, 1984 when it was first aired on T.V. and lasted till its 156th episode, making it the longest running serial in the history of Indian Television at that time. But, time and technology, both has changed a lot since then. Many channels now on Indian TV have completely devoted themselves to these genres of Indian soap Opera and the Kitchen sink drama.

But even after seeing a nice span a little has changed with the content and the approach in this area. That monotony of love and liaisons, family issues specially again a monotonous Saas-Bahu one, women empowerment, rat race etc now fail to attract audience as it once used to.

bhabhi-mos_101615032601But the introduction of Bhabiji ghar par hain, a new Indian TV serial on &TV (And TV) with a new approach can really be called as a breakthrough in this genre of Indian Soap Opera. It is basically about two neighboring families that live adjacent to each others in Kanpur. One couple is Manmohan Tiwary (Rohitash Gaud) and his wife Anguri Tiwary (earliar played by Shilpa Shindey, now by Shubhangi Atrey Poorey), and the other one is Vibhuti Narayan Mishra (Ashif Sheikh) and his spouse Anita (Saumya Tondon). Manmohan runs a business of undergarments mostly referred in the serial as Kache-banyan. Vibhuti, on the other hand is an unemployed graduate who is dependent on his wife who has been rewarded the title of beauty queen and currently runs grooming classes and stands the breadwinner for the family. Both men Vibhuti, whom many in the show tease by calling Nalle ji (Unemployed), and Manmohan Tiwary fancy each others’ wife but never reveal it frankly and there they generate some beautiful comedy evoking loads of laughter.

It takes you to the days before the advent of social networking where there used to be ‘actual’ conversations, the languid conversations. It’s nice that after the whole day’s rush you don’t have to see those age old saas-bahu melodrama with that familiar alarming melodies ringing around adding extra trash and strain to your exhausted mind. What you can get now is simple light weighted comedy to ease off the daily strain, as you too can feel them to be a part of our daily life with their intangible charm of middle class day to day activities. Contrasting characters of Anguri, an innocent home maker and Anita, a smart and a modern lady, never comes in way of their friendship whereas Manmohan and Vibhuti are ever busy reprimanding and disdaining each other. Their sitting together and sipping of tea in the lively lanes of Kanpur will attract you all the more. The supporting crew of Tika (Vaibhav Mathur) and Malkhan (Deepesh Bhan), the Vagabonds and the local lunatic, Anokhey Lal Saxena (Saanand Verma) may give numerous reasons to laugh and de stress yourself with his – ‘I LIKE IT’ which he utters after receiving a slap from any of the inhabitant of that colony.

bhabhiji Another interesting Character is that of Daroga or the local police, Happu Singh (Yogesh Tripathi), who is ever greedy to receive a nyowchawar (bribe). He is always seen struggling with his scooter and pleads for bribe for the sake of his nau nau thayia bacheay aur ek pregnant biwi (nine children and a pregnant wife). Basically his character is a prank on the modern day Uttar Pradesh police, or rather say the nation’s police itself. The brijbhasa accent in which many of the characters, mostly Happu Singh speaks sounds pleasing to the ears, especially when you are a lover of North Indian dialects. Many phrases and words are now popular as is frequently used in this program like – Sahi pakre hain! (There you are!) Ye kya raayta fela rakha hai? (What is this mess all about?), Gaya ghuiya ke khet me! (Gone to hell), Arey dada! (Oh brother!), Nalla (unemployed), etc. The best thing one would love about this serial is its entire dependency on conversations, all lively and full of humor evoking laughter. One good attempt was seen by Asit Modi when he directed Tarak Mehta ka ooltah Chasmah, an attempt to show how light weighed programs can also be a success. But this time Shashank Bali (this show’s director) really introduced a spell bounder. The show had problems with the one who played the role of Anguri earlier (Shilpa Shinde) but gradually the problem was resolved.

The Satirists like Harishankar parsai, Sharad Joshi, Bedhab Banarasi etc come to fancy as one takes the pleasure of watching this show all settled down the familiar and lively lanes of Kanpur. So lets see if Bhabiji Ghar par hain?

– Mayank K. (Morningstar)