Biggest Challenge of Indian Youth


By Ravi Ranjan Kumar

According to me, the biggest challenge youth face in India is the reluctance to choose the career where their interests lie. It has almost become a hard and fast rule in Indian society to choose either engineering or medical as career option to survive in the society; otherwise you are doing crime with your life and no one is worthless than you on this earth. No matter how creative you are in your own field of interest that is meant to be retained as hobby not the mainstream part of your career and life.

It is like a fixed set of ideology. Our Indian society mainly follows a fixed formula or a path be it in studies or anything. Everyone is in the rat race running blindly to become engineer or doctor whether they have interest or not at all. Our so called parents of the modern society leave no stone unturned for their children to accomplish the preparation if and only if their children are competing for engineering or medical or at least public sector jobs. Now choice of their children’s career is apparently the matter of their status in the society and these students are loaded with the pressure of expectations. But beyond the saturation level of these pressures they get submerged into the sea of depression and they themselves curse their lives by taking all those wrong steps. Recently in the news it came up that within last one and half year, thirty students have committed suicide due to such huge amount of pressure in the hub of engineering coaching institute – Kota in Rajasthan.

The root of all problems lie at not being able to do what we love. By the time youth realize this, it is too late or practically not approachable. If I have to evaluate who is responsible for creating this dilemma, I don’t blame youth for this. Sure India as a country is mainly strong as a service provider. So security and assurance of job lies in some chosen careers. So, at the end of the day youth of India have to suffer in that phase where they don’t choose careers where their interests lie and that is the biggest challenge.