My ‘Pick’ture – Pink


Pink’ – A story much needed,much awaited… I as an avid follower of good cinema, cannot be more thankful to director of such movies who at least attempt to force the audience to ‘think’.

Unlike the routine film reviews I will not end up telling you the storyline of this movie as I would request and not suggest to go and watch this one in the theatres. The characters of the film are living the story every moment and senior Mr. Bachchan is definitely the icing on the cake.
In an era where we have become so cold towards the crime women are victims to, such movies force us to step back into a humans skin and feel the pain and the urge to do something to establish humanity in the society and upgrade ourselves to what we are ‘humans’ and not animals.

The movie elevates from the court room discussions to our minds in a jiffy. The carefully written dialogues by Mr.Ritesh Shah are not at all fabricated, they are what is often heard inside the law zone.

This is the occasion when the so called evolved society should watch and absorb the super sensible messages conveyed by the movie.

So please if you have been scarred by the various ratings and stars awarded to this movie it’s high time when you can go, watch the movie and decide for yourself.

Ashqo se khatam ki hai rishteydaari apni
Gamo ne khoob nibha li zimmedri apni
Hasraton ko kiraye par hum rakhte nahi ab
Ummidon ko karne di ab chaukidari apni