People of Bihar



Bihar is not about having Ras-bihari (criminals/ goonda) as portrayed by Indian movie industries (Bollywood, Telugu and Tamil). Bihari is not a bad word as depicted by rest of Indians.
few common Bihari are:-

Dr. Rajendra Prasad-your first president.

Tulsidas- writer of Ramchritramanas.

Kalidas-another great writer,

post service start here by Shershah Suri (only emperor who ruled Mughal)

It gave the world its first Republic.

Here Buddha (God for Chinese) gave his first thought.

It had the world’s most ancient (Nalanda)univ­ersity.

Chanakya (grandfather of economics) wrote here the first book on Economics.

Mahavir founded Jainism here.

Valmiki wrote Ramayan, the greatest Epic of World.

Rishi Shushrut, the father of surgery, lived on the soil of Bihar.

Vatsayana(again a Bihari) wrote Kamasutra, the complete art of sex and love.

• Aryabhatt (discovered decimal and zero), the great ancient mathematician was also from Bihar.

• Ashoka Chakra comes from Bihar which adorns India’s national flag.

and if you know Gandhi- Bihar is the place(champaran) where he started his freedom fight journey.

now lets dose your antagonist thought about Bihar,

Did you Know ???
Bihar(67 crores ) has more number of Literate than Kerala (30 crores) and Tamil Nadu (36 crores)combined?

Bihar has more number of Graduates than Andhra Pradesh and Kerala combined?

More Biharis are doctors than Punjab and Gujarat combined?

Bihar has produced more number of IAS officer than Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra and Gujarat combined?

More Biharis are bank probationary officer than any other state?

More Biharis are in IIT compared to Maharashtra and Gujarat?

Education hub run by Tamil Nadu and Karnatka carry 37% of Bihari students.

We have 5 different language (Maithili, Bhojpuri, Magahi, Avadhi and Urdu) then also we talk and respect national language of India.

58% of bihari are below 25yrs of age, which makes it youngest state of India.

Ok lets see if Bihari= criminals ( as of a normal Indian thought)

Murder rate in Bihar is half of murder rate in Mumbai?

Rape in Bihar is 1/10th of Delhi?

Number of people killed in Bihar in communal violence is 1/75 th of Gujarat?

Naxalites in Bihar have killed less people than in Andhra Pradesh?

Bihar produces more wheat than Punjab?

Bihar is only large state where no farmer committed suicide?

More Bihari Girls complete Graduation than Kerala

None of the Indian states has given prime minster on foreign soil (yes, prime minister of Mauritius is of Bihar origin.)

Thats Bihar ..

spread the truth.. dont be carried away with gossip.
and next time, think twice before making a comment about Bihari.
feel proud to be an Indian and a Bihari