Urgent action is needed: AAP


“Urgent action is needed…otherwise the claim of the election commission that it is capable of conducting free and fair elections will lay exposed.”

Bassant Kumar Chaudhary,
Convenor, Aam Aadmi Party, Bihar

The Aam Aadmi Party volunteers met the State Election Commission officer in Patna to demand the immediate removal of the election commission officer in-charge of Nalanda as the officer was not discharging his duties impartially. The brutal attack on the party’s Nalanda parliamentary constituency candidate Pranav Prakash makes it clear that the law and order situation in Nalanda is out of control and goons are intimidating the voters and the candidates. Since such
attacks on candidates are always politically motivated, it is obvious that the civil administration of Nalanda is working under the pressure of the ruling government in the state.

This attack on the candidate just 3/4 days before voting clearly shows desperation on the part of the sitting ruling party MLA of Asthavan,
who is under pressure to deliver votes to the ruling party of Bihar. This makes the job of the election commission all the more critical, otherwise the claim of the election commission that it is capable of conducting free and fair elections will lay exposed.

This attack marks a series of threats and assaults on the Aam Aadmi Party candidates in Bihar. If the state election commission fails to take any serious steps even now, the party will take up the matter with the CEC in Delhi and pursue all available means to bring the culprits behind this cowardly act to speedy justice.