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Some best places to visit Begusarai


Begusarai famous as Industrial capital of Bihar is a city as well as district located in northern part of Bihar state in India.
Begusarai is home to several famous tourist places.

Kabar Tal (or Kawar Lake)

A place akin to heaven for the bird watchers, this freshwater natural wetland- which draws water from the confluence of the Gandak, the Bia and the Kareh fiver – is situated near Manjhaul, 22 km northwest of Begusrai, the district headquarters.

The verdant surrounding with plenty of aquatic vegetation around the lake attracts thousands of birds during the winter season.

The peak season is, however, from November to February. Over hundred species of migratory birds from as far as the Himalayan and the Central Asian region flock to the lake for their winter sojourn. It is also home to dozens of residential bird species and thirty-one species of fish.

The sight of hundreds of birds whooshing and fluttering over the lake is an experience of a lifetime! Not surprisingly, thus, avid bird watchers flock to this natural monument of flora and fauna, to Fittingly so, the sanctuary serves as a research centre for ornithologists.

Radhe Shyam Temple:

Over a century old, this temple situated at Ulao, five km west of Begusarai, is richly endowed with exquisite murals that belong to the Shekhawati school of paintings in Rajasthan.
Blended seamlessly with natural colours, the murals are nothing short of painted marvels. An effort has been made to recreate scenes from the Ramayana, the Mahabharata and other Hindu epics in these paintings.

Ankurinath Panch Mandir:

Situated close to the Radhe Shyam Temple, Ankurinath Panch Mandir treasures several ancient artefacts and statues of various gods and goddesses. The statutes are generally made from black stone. Pala period Shivalinga is situated in the main shrine area.

Naulakha Temple:

Built with Makrana and Italian marble tiles, Naulakha Temple is famous for its glittering look. Situated in the Bishnupur locality of Begusarai, this 17th century temple was renovated on 1952. Mahanth Deer Das Ji of Ramanandi tradition is known to have built the temple.

Bari Balia Masjid and Dargah:

At Balia, 16 km from Begusarai, a portion of this 15th century monument survives in the form of the sanctuary wall. Its red-stone decorated brick-work reveals the unmistakable stamp of exquisite craftsmanship.

Among its visitors, the names of 15th century Sufi saint Ishah Alauddin Bukhari, who came visiting in 1493, and Mahatma Gandhi, who visited in 1915, are most prominent.

In course of time, a dargah came up which continues to draw people to this historical monument.

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