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Kanhaiya Kumar to pen his memoir From Bihar to Tihar


Kanhaiya Kumar to pen his memoir From Bihar to Tihar


We’re thrilled to announce that we will be publishing Kanhaiya Kumar’s memoir From Bihar to Tihar which will tell  the story of Kanhaiya’s incredible journey from a village school, his deepening involvement in student politics, his controversial arrest on charges of sedition and its aftermath.

Hailing from a modest family in a village in Bihar, Kanhaiya Kumar captured the imagination of the nation with his bold and eloquent defence of freedom of expression. His fearless challenging of the political establishment also sparked a nationwide debate on patriotism, nationalism, and intellectual freedom.

From Bihar to Tihar is a story of how education that encourages debate and questioning can open up young minds to social and political issues that are crucial to the functioning of India’s democracy.

“Bhagat Singh had said it is easy to kill individuals, but you cannot kill ideas. I don’t know where this fight of ours will take us, but I thought our ideas should be permanently etched in history as a book. I want to write about the inherent contradictions of Indian society through my personal experiences and to reveal the hopes, despair and struggles of the youth of this country,” saysKanhaiya Kumar
“This will be a defining book of our times. Kanhaiya’s is a voice that everyone should hear and we at Juggernaut are very proud to bring it to the widest possible readership,” says Chiki Sarkar

From Bihar to Tihar will be published simultaneously in Hindi and English.

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