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Photography – The Art Of Camera


By Aditya Kumar Sah

Today’s modern life camera is like our body part. I can’t live without it as I love not only to capture a photo but also to capture a moment. Now in the 21st century, it seems like everyone is a photographer because in everybody’s cell phone there is a powerful inbuilt digital camera so that anyone can take a photo anywhere, anytime.
It was Thomas Wedgwood who invented the camera in 1800 that’s why we can easily take a photo, otherwise there were only the painters who made anyone’s photos on canvas.

It’s good that everyone can take a good photo but only the professional photographer can take a great photo. I am not underestimating others. I am only telling the fact. Photography needs passion, dedication and patience. Without it no one will become a great photographer or even a good photographer.

I am also like others. I am not a professional photographer. I don’t have a high mega pixel camera but I have patience, that’s why I am able to take beautiful pictures of insects and flies. But that’s not enough. If you want to click insects or photos of other things, open your mind and look where you are. It is important because good photos will come from anywhere. It’s not important that we also go off at a tangent like professional photographer.

If you really want to take a photo of nature, you don’t need to go anywhere. Just look at your garden, house and neighbour and then you will get your destination.

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